SignaTour Campers will build you a home that is less than 300 sq. feet

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY - You can forget Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  Instead, think more along the lines of, 'Honey, let's shrink our house.'

Jim Turley and Brian Scobey of SignaTour Campers are constructing homes that are 8 x 24 feet, with less than 300 square feet of living space.  It's all getting done by hand inside of a Hillsborough County warehouse.

"People are downsizing their houses, their cars," said Turley.  "It is a trend.  It's a niche."

The trend is catching on nationwide.  These homes, commonly called tiny homes, are springing up not only here in Florida but in places like Washington, Texas, and even New York.

Turley builds his tiny homes on wheels.  It qualifies them as an RV, so there is no mortgage.

"No increased property taxes.  No permits to build.  You basically pull it in and park it," he explained.

Turley and Scobey are currently constructing a beach house for a Florida couple.  It has everything from a bathroom and kitchen to sleeping room for up to five people.

The buyers are also adding a few bells and whistles.  There will be a built-in spice rack, solar panels on the roof and a deck that disassembles should a hurricane come through.  Turley says the couple has picked out drapes, paint color for the house and even French doors that are equipped with blinds that never need to be cleaned.

These homes are made to order.  You can either come in with your own design or Turley and his partner will let you choose from different models.

"I have one called the Rhode Island," explained Scobey.  "It is about seven by twelve feet.  It is all in one room."

Each house takes about two months to complete.  The average cost is $25,000.

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