Shooters on loose leaving Hillsborough County security guard in ICU & nearly hitting little boy

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for two men who they say shot the security guard at the Royal Oak Apartments Sunday night.

Neighbors say they heard several gunshots, and one of the bullets went through an apartment window, just barely missing a little boy inside.

She doesn't want her identity known since the shooter's are still on the loose, and she moved her family from out of state to give them a better life, but after last night's shooting, the mother of three says now, her family isn't even safe.

" If he was sitting up like he does everyday he would've been done," said the mom as she held back tears.

One of those bullets they fired off last night came right through her son's bedroom window, passing the exact spot he usually sits in to watch TV.

" Where that bullet hole is, it would have hit his back area, that's where he sits, he uses the window as a backboard," said his mom.

Deputies responded to the 9-1-1 call around 10:00 Sunday night. They say the security guard was making his rounds when he confronted two guys in between the buildings, and told them they needed to leave.

One of the guys pulled a gun, shooting the guard twice. Neighbors say bullets were flying everywhere.

"Out of nowhere I hear bop, bop, bop, like about eight shots, so I take my kids, throw them in the bedroom, tell them to get on the ground," said Kevin, a resident at the Royal Oak Apartments.

The security guard's wife says her husband is in intensive care.

If you have any tips you can call the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office.

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