Lost Hillsborough River canoeists back on land

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies searched overnight for three men who became lost while canoeing on the Hillsborough River. They were located by a sheriff's helicopter around 6:30 Tuesday morning.

They were seen in a mixture of swamp and dense woods along the river. Deputies were trying to reach them by foot or boat.

Helicopter video showed them in their canoe being escorted by deputies in another canoe ahead of them.

When they arrived back on land, they were in good health.

One of the men called deputies on his cell phone around 8 p.m. Monday saying he and his friends were lost and were not able to return to their launch site at site at at John B Sargeant Park located at U/S. 301 and Stacey Road.

Deputies launched nightlong search and rescue mission using aviation and marine units.

It was believed the the men became lost in one of the swampy inlets along the river between John B Sargeant Park and the Hillsborough River State Park.

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