School mourns teens after Avila fire

Ryan Kelly, head of Carrollwood Day School, addressed reporters Wednesday regarding the school's ties to the people found dead in a burning Avila home.
"Obviously our hearts are broken at Carrollwood Day School. We are grieving as a community, and we've rallied around our students, our faculty and our parents," Kelly said.
Kelly acknowledged a family with ties to the school was involved in the tragedy. He declined to name them.
However, he told ABC Action News two students failed to show up for class Wednesday morning, which raised concerns.
Kelly referred to two siblings, a brother and sister, who attended the high school. 
According to friends, the siblings were well liked and their father held a leadership position at the school.
One teen, who declined to give his name, said he spent time with the family last night.
"I was really good friends with him," the teen said while choking back tears. "They didn't do anything wrong ever. And the daughter, she was beautiful."
The teen said he went to the gym with his 18-year-old friend and then returned to Avila.
 The teens were neighbors.
"Said bye, went home, he's gone," the teen said while breaking down.
The teen also spoke highly of his friend's parents.
"The parents were great people," he said.
While grief counselors were available on campus, a group of more than 30 students, faculty and parents gathered at a restaurant this morning.
Many exchanged hugs while others held hands.
Friends explained the restaurant was the place where the siblings liked to spend  the most time.
"It is just so bad that this happens," the teen said.
Grief counselors are expected to be back on campus Thursday morning.
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