Schenecker murder trial opens with details from diary

Jurors heard testimony from former Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Bernard Adams on Monday in the first day of Julie Schenecker’s murder trial.
The discomfort that autopsy photos of Beau and Calyx Schenecker caused the jurors was apparent.
When the autopsy testimony concluded, some jurors sighed in relief. 
Julie Schenecker seemed emotionally distressed, wiping her nose with a tissue. She is accused of fatally shooting her teenage children.
"She planned a Saturday massacre," said state prosecutor Steven Udagawa.
The state says the Tampa Palms mother of two planned and executed the massacre with a .38 caliber revolver and hollow point bullets. 
"She takes her gun – bam! Shoots her son a second time in the face area around the upper lip, mouth.
The mouth that was disrespecting her as well," Udagawa said.
Prosecutors say after shooting her son Beau twice in the head in the family van, Schenecker went after her daughter
in her upstairs bedroom as she sat at a computer.
"The defendant then shoots her in her mouth – bam – the ‘sassy mouth’ as the defendant calls it," the prosecutor said. 
Schenecker penned details of the double murders in a diary, according to the state. In the diary she says she might have killed her husband too had he been at home.
"I could have done this anytime even when you were here. Luckily, you weren't. I might have taken you out too. That would have been a crying shame," read the prosecutor.
Schenecker's defense attorneys argue she was insane at the time of the slayings. They say she is diagnosed bi-polar disorder with psychotic features. 
They told jurors Schenecker's severe mental illness took everything from her, even her own children.
"You're going to hear how a mother of two beautiful children did something that tore her to the soul, what she describes as the worst thing she could have ever done. The unimaginable," said defense attorney Jennifer Spradley.