Procrastinators hurry to register to vote as the Florida deadline looms

Hillsborough extended hours to 7 o'clock tonight

TAMPA - It was last call for people who plan on voting this November, but had not yet registered.  Tuesday was the deadline in Florida.

Hundreds showed up to one of the four Hillsborough County election offices on the last day.

"It's for the future of our kids, and I know my kids really need a good future," said Simone Laidley, about why she decided to register for the first time. "The main thing is jobs and stuff because I have a few friends who are struggling to get a job right now."

Election officials in Hillsborough decided to extend its hours to 7:00 p.m. to help people beat the deadline. There has been a steady flow most of the day.

"At our downtown office, we usually have about 20 to 35 people per day come in, but today we've seen 20 to 35 people every ten minutes," said Travis Abercrombie, Spokesman for Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections.

For those who couldn't make it into the office before 7, the only other option is to print a registration form, fill it out, and head to the post office to mail it in.

It must be postmarked by midnight Tuesday.

For some, this last day to register is actually the first day they can register.

More than 90 men and women from 31 counties officially because United States Citizens in a ceremony Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. Customs and Immigration Office.

"We've been waiting 12 years for our citizenship, and today was the big day for us," said Mark Joyce who was born in the United Kingdom.

As soon as he and his wife got their certificate, they went right for the voter registration line. They, and most others, don't want to waste any time exercising their new constitutional right.

"This time it's going to mean a lot more to us because we're going to watch the campaigns and we're going to participate and being able to actually vote for the future of the United States," he said.

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