Passengers say they felt good helping the ship in need

Passengers back in Tampa after helping doomed ship

TAMPA - Geralyn Smith looks back on pictures from her family cruise and points out a few she will never forget.

"I was kind of proud to be apart of helping someone that is crippled. I took these so we could remember that we were able to do something," she told ABC Action News Sunday morning.

Geralyn snapped pictures just one day after a fire erupted in the engine room of the Carnival cruise ship the Triumph. It lost power shortly after the fire last Sunday.

The Carnival Legend had just left port from Tampa and the captain alerted passengers they were going to aid their sister ship.

"It was our obligation to go help them and bring them supplies," Geralyn said.

As the Legend came to a stop in the middle of the ocean on Monday, passengers said life boats were lowered and the transfer of supplies to the Triumph lasted hours.

"We saw people on the boat they were waving to us," said Elizabeth Smith.

Geralyn's pictures show life boats shuttling supplies to the Triumph, crew members loading supplies onto their crippled ship while passengers waited on deck, some starting to use sheets to shield the sun.

"I felt that the people on the other side were happy because they were seeing those boats come over to give them the needed supplies," said Geralyn.

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