Paralyzed dog, blind pig enjoy new bond

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Just 24-hours after receiving new leg braces, Spencer the 2-year-old bulldog is already getting into trouble with his "brother", PorkChop the blind pig.

"It's wonderful that he has independence finally," owner Linda Heinz said. "They're partners in crime now. They can go on wild adventures.

The odd pair traveled to one of their usual spots for grooming on Friday, Julie Boo's Pet Boutique in Lutz.

This time, however, Spencer ran all over the store. On past trips, Heinz has had to hold Spencer, whose back legs are paralyzed.

Thursday, Westcoast Brace & Limb fitted him with custom made braces. He also wears a pair of green Crocs to stabilize his gate.

"You can't stop him now," Heinz said. "He's hard to catch. He's faster than I am."

Heinz says her phone didn't stop ringing Friday, the day after we aired Spencer's first walk with PorkChop, after a life of sedentary homebound activity. Heinz remembers days of Spencer staring out the window, whining as other dogs passed by.

Though Spencer's life is completely different just a day later, his Crocs are a few sizes too big.

After hearing about the issue, Little Feet in Wesley Chapel plans to fit Spencer for custom sneakers on Tuesday.

"I was hoping he'd get some movement," she said. "I never knew he'd be this fast!"

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