New study names 'toxic toys'

Choking and noise also deemed major hazards

TAMPA - "If you see a child holding his ear up to a speaker tell him to stop," said Ashley Leniart.

Leniart, an Ozona Elementary 5th grader has a younger brother and she knows how dangerous some toys can be.

"I always have to think is this safe for him," she said.

Ashley joined experts and child advocates at St. Joseph's Children's hospital to talk about the latest study from the Public Interest Research Group, known as PIRG.

They say despite tougher standards passed by Congress in 2008, many toys still have dangerous levels of toxic chemicals and lead.

That includes this activity mat made by Tomy, that PIRG says has high levels of Antimony.

"Manufactures use these chemicals to plastic softer, but they are connected to adverse reproductive and health issues, once again it's children who are most vulnerable to these health effects," said PIRG associate Dalyn Houser.

PIRG says Noise levels are too loud on the Lil Phone Pal and the Fisher Price Laugh and learn, hitting 85 decibels.

And it when comes to choking, the study says Littlest Pet shop toys poise a hazard.

They say the small cylinder that federal tester use isn't big enough, and if a toy fits in a toilet paper roll, it's dangerous for kids under three.

"We found numerous near small parts which do not violate the choke test rule but that children still have choked on, for instance this ball doesn't fit into the cylinder, but it still has been choked on by kids," said Houser.

One thing experts say should buy are safety helmets, to protect kids riding bikes, scooters, skateboards or anything else.

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