Motorcyclist says FHP trooper pulled into lane and hit the brakes giving his friend 'no chance'

TAMPA - Key details are changing in a controversial crash on the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  The developments come after ABC Action News raised questions about a Florida Highway Patrol trooper's actions.

Friday afternoon, FHP changed their account of how Keith Williamson, 27, lost his life.  Williamson crashed his motorcycle into an FHP patrol car at 127 miles per hour ejecting him and his passenger.  Williamson died in the eastbound lanes of the Causeway.

FHP first reported the patrol car, with its emergency lighting activated, was positioned in an active construction zone in which the inside lane of traffic was closed.  Now, FHP says the patrol car, which had been parked in the inside lane, was moved into the path of Williamson's motorcycle.

The man riding right behind the victim in the controversial crash is now sharing his account of what occurred Wednesday night. His account is different from what police are saying. He agreed to speak only if we did not identify him because he fears police will retaliate against him for coming forward.

"He [the trooper] pulled out and completely stopped," he explained.  "[Keith] had no chance.  It happened too quick. No chance."

This man believes the trooper's decision caused his friend's death.

"I can't say he had intent to hurt Keith but his intent was to get in front of all of us and completely block us," he explained.

A special FHP investigator from Ocala has now been brought in to not only investigate what happened but also the actions of one of their own.

According to several witnesses, Clearwater police were in a high speed chase with Williamson and five other motorcycles.  Speeds were clocked at more than 100 miles per hour.  The witness who came forward today said the police officer was in a 'blacked out Camaro.'

Police said they ended the pursuit quickly and pulled back.  But the man we interviewed said that is not true.

"He [the police officer] was on the back tire.  He was right there," he explained.

Williamson's friend admitted to being in the wrong by breaking the law and speeding.  But, he said when all the motorcyclists stopped following the crash, they were never questioned by authorities.

"He [the officer] starts waving us to go, go, go," he recalled.

ABC Action News requested dash cam video from FHP and Clearwater police.  Both said they will not release it until the investigation is complete.

Williamson's passenger, his girlfriend, is still in the hospital recovering from two punctured lungs and a shattered pelvis.  According to friends, she still has not been told Williamson died.

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