Local Salvation Army workers head to help victims of Oklahoma tornadoes

TAMPA - A full week has passed now since those devastating tornadoes tore through Oklahoma and we're still seeing scenes of such unimaginable damage as folks there try and pick up the pieces.

Its the sort of stuff that can -- and often does -- lead to what some call "disaster fatigue." It can happen all too easily as those who show up to help become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

That's why more than a dozen Bay-Area Salvation Army staffers were up dark and early at the airport this morning, getting ready to head to Oklahoma City.

"And we're following-up with a team that's already in place," said Capt. Jim Spencer from the Sarasota
Salvation Army.

"Five members of our team have also been sent ahead of us to do emotional and spiritual care."

In all, Spencer says that there are 14 headed there from here in what has become an all-to-common scenario.  Because, as he told us -- and we can still see from all the images coming out of Moore and the surrounding communities -- the recovery efforts are far from over.

"It gives people the opportunity to understand and to know that the salvation Army is there from the beginning to the end," he said.

"And it gives us a chance to be able to go in and relieve those that have already been on the ground for two weeks doing the disaster now and to fill in and take over where they have left off."

Members of this group said the "mutual aid" is nothing new,  adding that its important to help out when the disaster strikes somewhere else, because someday those folks they're relieving may just end up helping here.

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