Local doctor to run his tenth Boston Marathon

TAMPA, Fla. - A Tampa Bay doctor is heading back to Boston Monday and will run in his tenth Boston Marathon.

"I think it will definitely be a much more emotional Boston Marathon than it's ever been before," said Dr. Bruce Shephard.

For Shephard and his fiancé, Colleen Christensen, their most recent memory of the Boston Marathon is of first responders and police rushing to help injured onlookers after two bombs exploded near the finish line.

"It was just so hard to believe that someone would do this at the Boston Marathon. That someone would actually injure people at the Boston Marathon," Christensen said.

Shephard is a seasoned marathon runner and while he will cover the same distance as any other marathon, this race will be different.

"What happened last year put things really in perspective. So I'm going back this year not so much for my time, but to show up to support Boston and the families who were injured or the people who were killed," Shephard said.

He was 26 miles into the race last year, with the finish line in sight, when the first bomb went off.

"The first one was confusion when we saw the first bomb. After the second one we knew something was seriously wrong and all the runners went the other way. Running away from the finish line which was within sight - two minutes away running wise, but we all went backwards and scattered at that point," Shephard said.

Christensen had just gone into the hotel where they were staying along Boylston Street when she heard the first explosion.

"I thought the bomb had gone off in the hotel. It shook the hotel that badly," she said.

Christensen said as they head back this year, they're not scared or concerned, just excited.

"There is just going to be so much celebration this year after last year that. A celebration of life,” he said.

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