Lindsay Greene's close friend says the Brandon mother was a smart person who loved her son

BRANDON, Fla. - Debra Boyd can barely talk about her close friend Lindsay Greene.   Boyd can barely say Greene's name before breaking into tears.

Greene, 25, was found dead inside of her Brandon townhouse Thursday afternoon.   Another woman's body was also found.  Detectives say whoever killed the women set a fire to cover it up.

"She was a mom, she was a beautiful woman," said Boyd while sobbing.  "She was very intelligent.  She was smart."

Boyd lived next door to Greene at the Carlisle Club for five months.  Boyd and Greene became instant friends.  Sometimes, they would cook lasagna at Boyd's house, go kayaking or take Greene's 3-year-old son out to play.

Boyd described Greene as a great mother who doted over her little boy.

Greene also graduated from school this week.  She'd been studying to become a dental assistant.  Boyd says she planned to take a few days off and then start searching for a job.   School had taken up so much of her time, she wanted to devote a few days to her son.

Boyd spoke to Greene on Tuesday after noticing she posted a picture of her diploma on Facebook.  It is likely Boyd was the last person to chat with Greene before she was killed hours later.

"She was in a good place in her life," Boyd said.

Boyd believes it was Greene's hospitable nature and love for people that prompted her to allow Charlie Martinez, 24, to stay at her condo.

Martinez was apparently down on his luck.  He had recently been released from prison and was trying to build a new life.

Boyd met Martinez several times.  She said he was very quiet and they would often talk while they smoked cigarettes. 

Boyd says Martinez did not appear to be violent but she didn't get a good vibe from him.

She even urged Greene to not let Martinez stay at the condo more than a few days every now and then.

"I just feel sorry for him because he doesn't have anywhere to stay.   His parents won't let him stay with them," Boyd recalled Greene telling her.

In September, Boyd moved away to another county.  Before leaving, she made Greene promise that if she needed anything she would call.  Boyd says she was mainly concerned about Martinez.

Now, Martinez is being questioned in Greene's murder.   Detectives also think he may have information on the second murder victim as well as the fire.

"One person at the wrong time, but, she didn't deserve to die like this and that little boy doesn't deserve to grow up without a mom," Boyd said.

Boyd said Greene was very close with her parents.  And, while she worked her way through school, they would watch their grandson.

"I am just glad he has such great grandparents," Boyd explained.

Boyd does not know who the other woman in Greene's apartment could have been.

Her identity has not yet been revealed.  Detectives say they are having trouble because her body is so badly burned.

"Peace be with her family too because no matter what her story is, she didn't deserve it either," Boyd said.

Detectives told ABC Action News the coroner will have to try and make the identification.

Meanwhile, Martinez, who is a person of interest in this case, is at Tampa General Hospital.

According to detectives, when he turned himself in Friday, he collapsed.  Martinez was accompanied by an attorney.

Once he is medically cleared he will be taken to the Orient Road Jail.  He will be book on an outstanding and unrelated warrant for home invasion and false imprisonment.


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