Lightning strike suspected in second death

Authorities are investigating a second possible death related to lightning in Tampa Bay within a day.
"It's a shame," said Edward Medard Park visitor B.J. Ball. "Nothing more adverse than a lightning storm." 
Hillsborough County deputies said a man was fishing Wednesday in water up to his knees at the park about the time that storms rolled through.
A park ranger discovered Larry Webb's body near the shoreline of the lake. Deputies said while waiting to remove the body, an alligator went toward it and forced a deputy to shoot. The alligator was hit and swam away underwater. 
Autopsy results are still pending on Webb, who lived in Lithia, to confirm a cause of death, but deputies said a fatal lighting strike is one possibility. 
"The lightning heats the air around it at 50,000 degrees," said Chip Shields with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.
He advised to stay out of the shower, stay off landline phones and take cover in a vehicle if you’re caught in a lightning storm.
Shields said rubber tires offer no added protection, which is a common misconception.
"Whether it's rubber or metal tires, whatever is making contact with the ground at that time is where the lightning is going to travel to," he said. 
The National Weather Service said Tampa Bay has about 100 days of thunderstorms a year, which makes for the most in the entire country.
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