Letter tells Lakeshore Villas Health Care Center nursing home residents to leave in about 30 days

Residents told to leave by August 13th

Residents of Lakeshore Villas Health Care Center have about 30 days to leave, because the nursing home facility is closing.
It was announced in a letter from AHCA, the Agency for Health Care Administration, which was dropped off in each resident's room on July 5.
The letter said Lakeshore Villas has had difficulty complying with federal regulations, and the facility's Medicare and Medicaid has been terminated.
A spokesperson cited numerous fines, including one where AHCA says they were fined $16,000 for an incident in November, when they failed to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a resident who was found absent of vital signs.
In a statement from the facility, the chairman and chief executive officer, David Vaughn, wrote that he regrets they were unable to work out the issues that they were having.
On the phone he told me shutting the doors means they will be closing close to 400 beds, a mix of assisted living, nursing and memory care patients.
Residents have to find somewhere else to live, and most are incapable of doing that on their own. 
Peggy Bamford's mother, 94-year-old Elsie, has lived in the facility for four years.  She said news the closing is traumatic for all the residents.  At a time in their life when they value the familiar and routine, they are going to be uprooted.
"All of their friendships and the relationships that they have established with the staff, with the other people, it's gone.  It's gone," she would explain.  "How would you feel if you were a person who lived there for a long time and suddenly somebody is going to tear you out, move your stuff, and put you in another facility?  Good God, that's just awful."
There's another side of the story, again according to CEO Vaughn.  Anywhere from 200 to 300 employees will lose their jobs.
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