Problem plagued C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir being filled again

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - The problem plagued C.W. Bill Young Reservoir in Hillsborough County is once again filling up with water.

It was supposed to be a significant source of drinking water for Tampa Bay, but cracks forced it to be taken offline last year.

Now, the process of filling it back up is just getting started. 

The entire location holds 15-billion gallons and it won't be full until next year.

The reservoir was drained because of leaks in a layer that was used to control erosion. 

Initially Tampa Water blamed the contractors who built the reservoir, but ultimately had to come up with $129 million to get the facility working again. 

"We want to have the reservoir full to get us through the dry season that usually occurs every year here in Florida.  Also, there are drought years.  It helps to make us more drought proof.  This is something that once it's full, we're in a much better position to be less reliant on groundwater," said Matt Jordan, Tampa Water General Manager.

The facility started operations in 2005, but soon after it opened, started having cracks that led to the leaks.

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