Jared Cano pleads 'no contest' in Freedom High School bomb plot, will learn sentence in December

Jared Cano places fate in hands of court

TAMPA - Jared Cano will have to wait until December before hearing his fate.

Cano is accused of plotting to set off bombs at Freedom High School.

He was arrested in August last year after Tampa Police say they found bomb-making material at his home, along with crudely drawn pictures and a manifesto detailing his plans, which included killing  two school officials as well as students.

Today he walked into court, smiled at his family, and then pleaded "no contest" to two counts related to that Freedom High School plot, which the judge accepted.

But Judge Kimberly Fernandez also said she could not pass sentence today because she wanted to first see a court ordered pre-disposition report, also known as a juvenile justice assessment, before she decides what Jared's fate will be.

Cano is looking at a possible 15 years for each of two counts he is facing in the Freedom High School plot. 

His attorney, Norman Canella, Sr., is confident he will get time served since, he says, the plan was nothing more than a half baked dream.

In addition, Canella said, Cano has been in jail since his arrest last August he has served more than enough time.  If not, Cano has reserved the right to appeal the judge's ruling on those charges.

Cano has, however, given up his right to appeal three separate drug -elated charges relating to marijuana found in his home when Tampa police searched it after his arrest.

For those charges, Cano could receive a maximum of seven-year sentence, but again, Canella says because of the amount found and sentencing guidelines, that was not likely.

Cano will be in court December 5, when he is expected to be sentenced.

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