Is it Town & Country, Town in Country, Town N Country.. How do you spell it?

Finding the answer to the correct spelling

TOWN 'N COUNTRY, Fla. - It is one of those places in the Bay Area that everyone knows, but do you know how to spell it?

Is it Town & Country, Town in Country, or Town N' Country? If you are there and look at the various street signs that's not going to help because right on Hillsborough Avenue alone, two street signs right next to each other have it, Town 'n Country and Town N Country.

And then there is the U.S. Postal Service Office where it is Town And Country, but right across the street at the Municipal Library it is Town 'N Country.

So what is the answer?

Well I spoke to the man who developed it. Back in the late 1950's Hinks Shimberg along with his brother James and Charlie LaMonte, were looking at the Tampa Bay area and decided that the best way to expand from Tampa was northwest, where there was only cow pasture, away from the bay.

So they put in a thousand homes. And that did the job because a thousand homes has turned into thousands of homes.

Hinks says the name was pretty obvious for all of them, "It was a pasture. So there is the country and we were making it into a town."

So since Hinks is responsible and opened up the area, his is the final word on how it is spelled, "Town 'N (apostrophe - N) Country."

Town 'N Country.

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