HSCO believe more women are out there that the suspect has attacked

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - Inside the home of Frankie Valintino Aguilar Jr., deputies say they found video footage of Aguilar brutally sexual assaulting an unidentified female.  The women was beaten and tased in tape, according to deputies.

Aguilar is already behind bars accused of sexually battering of a different woman. 

Deputies say on November 21, Aguilar got into an argument with a woman inside his Berkley Road Drive home.  When the woman tried to leave, deputies say Aguilar pulled her hair and forced her into his bedroom.  Once inside the bedroom, Aguilar pounded the woman's head against the floor, punched her in the face, pointed a gun and then threatened to kill her, deputies said.

According to deputies, Aguilar then forced the victim onto the floor, stepped on her neck and kicked her in the face.  Next, he restrained the woman in flex cuffs.  After a period of time Aguilar cut the flex cuffs off the victim and forced her to perform sexual acts, deputies said. 

The victim's nose was broken during the assault.

"This is a very unconscionable attack on a human being and these are scars that will be left with these victims forever," said Larry McKinnon with HCSO. "Takes an extreme amount of courage to come forward."

Deputies served a search warrant at Aguilar's home to look for the gun used in the assault.  Deputies say they found the gun and much more.

According to detectives, Aguilar had five explosive devices under lock and key in his office, cocaine in his bedroom and a video of a sexual assault involving a different victim.

The video that was discovered during the search of Aguilar's home showed Aguilar luring another adult female in his bedroom where he ordered her to remove her clothing, deputies said. Deputies went on to tell ABC Action News, when the victim did not completely submit Aguilar's demands, he became physically violent and forced the woman into his bed while choking her.  Deputies says a struggle ensued with the Aguilar violently sexually assaulting the woman and tasing the woman no less that five times during the struggle. Aguilar then produced a pistol and held it to the victim's head and threatened to kill her.  The victim was held against her will for approximately one and one half hours. 

The woman in the video was identified by deputies.  She told them she did not come forward because Aguilar threatened he would kill on of her family members and make her watch if she did.

Deputies believe there are more victims out there because they found four women's driver's licenses in the home.

At this time, investigators are encouraging any other victims the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at 813.247.8200.

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