Hillsborough School District increasing security at schools after Connecticut shooting

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY - If you're a parent here in the Bay area, your kids could see some changes when they go to school tomorrow. Hillsborough County school officials are increasing security in and around their schools to make sure our kids are safe.

School officials say there's no threat here in Hillsborough County. But, the plan is putting parents at ease.

Denise Lukas says she was mortified and broke down in tears, when she heard about what happened in Connecticut after police say Adam Lanza went on a killing spree, Friday.  "I get very upset when I think about it," said Lukas.

The tragedy prompted Hillsborough County school officials to increase law enforcement at all schools, especially elementary ones.

Steve Hegarty is the School District Spokesperson. According to Hegarty, "A lot of parents might be looking at these images and just thinking you know, should I send my child to school tomorrow? What we're trying to do is we're trying to get out ahead of it and say schools are a safe and secure place to be."

Parents got a message today from Hillsborough County School Superintendent Mary Ellen Elia letting them know about the changes.

Denise Lukas was relieved when she got the message. Her kids, Brent and Dasher are 1st graders at Mitchell Elementary. Lukas said, "You hear so much about these shootings so often and it's so scary and I think it's necessary to have more security."

For kids who might be having a hard time dealing with the tragedy, counselors will also be on hand to help. Lukas said, "It's great to have a resource like that for children who might not know how to process it."

School officials in Manatee County are also increasing security at their schools tomorrow. Grief counselors will be available at Pinellas County schools, in case kids need someone to talk to.

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