Hillsborough County school system in midst of hiring blitz, hundreds of teachers needed

TAMPA - Close to 1,500 potential teachers are expected to show up at Jefferson High School in Tampa as Hillsborough County Schools holds a two-day job fair.

It isn't open to everyone.  Hopeful teacher hires had to pre-qualify and register for the event ahead of time.

The event started early Tuesday morning with the district looking to hire anywhere from 600 to 700 teachers, which may sound like a lot.  But according to School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia, it's not.

Elia says the the district has anywhere from 16 to 17 thousand teachers and from retirement to time off, that turnover is just about average. As far as what they are looking for right now, Elia says Exceptional Student Educators, as well as math and science teachers, are in demand.

After the two-day hiring blitz, school officials will reassess their needs and move from there.

The district says it's important to hold these events early and to hire as many teachers as they can because they do a lot of training in July and the first two weeks in August.

Day 2 of the job fair starts early tomorrow at 7AM.

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