Hillsborough County Animal Services gets new director and new direction

There's a changing of the guard at the Falkenburg Road headquarters of Hillsborough County Animal Services. 
Director Scott Trebatoski arrived here last week and is so new he still doesn't have a name plate for his office door.
Workers have, however, installed a doorstop to keep his office open. His people-first philosophy is well understood.
"Happy people is the key," he said. "Without happy people, we don't give good customer service, and it all rolls from there."
Trebatoski arrives after a series of high-profile issues for the agency. They include a stubbornly high euthanasia rate, the case of an adopted dog mistakenly being put to sleep and a July 2013 outbreak of deadly canine parvovirus. 
After a very successful stint as the director of animal care and protective services in Jacksonville, where he significantly cut that agency's animal death rate, he said he'll take his time in making moves but sets a 3 to 5 year goal of turning Hillsborough's numbers around as well.
Trebatoski said he has been very encouraged by the community here and he plans on reaching out to the various rescue organizations.
"They're a key," he said. "They were a huge help to my success in my previous location. In my previous location, we went from 400 animals going out by rescue to over 7,000 going out by rescue."
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