Hillsborough bus riders concerned about safety

Is it safe to ride the bus in Hillsborough county?
Two recent violent crimes has the community asking that question. 
On Monday evening, a stabbing was caught on camera. 
Tampa Police Department says two brothers got into an argument with a third bus rider on Monday about how long they were taking to get on the bus.
Police say Jorge and Alexander Alvarez stabbed the other rider twice.
The brothers were later arrested. 
And just days earlier, Tina Bennett said she was mugged at a bus stop on Florida Avenue.
"I was waiting on the bus. And the guy came up and sat beside me. He said, ‘Don't make me hurt you,’ grabbed my purse, stuck it in his bag and ran," Bennett said. 
Bennett said the bus driver didn’t help her.
"He didn't call the law or nothing,” she said. “I thought that's what they'd do. But he didn't. He let him on the bus and kicked me off because I didn't have no money.”
Bennett lost her phone, cash and IDs.
We wanted to know why the bus driver didn’t help Bennett.
All the HART spokeswoman would say is she didn’t think their bus drivers would act that way. 
"That's something that our bus operators are not trained to do," said Sandra Morrison of HART. "They're there and they know to be helpful."
Morrison says every HART bus has six security cameras to catch criminals. They also encourage riders to keep their belongings close.
The stabbing victim, Henry Richardson, is said to have serious injuries but is expected to survive. 
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