Hidden cash hunt hits Tampa Bay streets

Online scavenger hunt gives clues on Twitter

An anonymous Twitter user is creating a sensation all over California, hiding envelopes of cash and then posting clues on the Internet.
Now there's a Tampa copycat.
"It’s awesome,” Carlos Irizarry said. “Most times when you hear of stuff like this is during Christmas, like ‘secret Santa’ and things like that."
It’s not the holidays yet, but one local tweeter is following the example that started in California, giving followers here a chance to find their way to some free green.
Throughout the day, clues were posted on the Twitter handle @hiddencashtpa. Each one helps lead followers to the end of the proverbial rainbow.
"It’d be great to be the winner, like hitting the jackpot," said Bridget Colestock.
Thursday’s clue led one man to Hillsborough Avenue. Sure enough taped to a light pole was an envelope holding $60.
"If I found 60 bucks right now I’d probably put $50 in my car and [save] $10 for something else," Irizarry said.
The tweeter says he or she wants the message of doing a random act of kindness to catch on. Colestock experienced that firsthand and thinks the concept will take off.
"I was in the drive thru line and the car in front of me paid for my meal,” she said. “So that was really a surprise. So I paid for the car behind me."
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