Head of Hillsborough schools transportation department resigns

Hillsborough schools transportation head John Franklin has resigned.
"At this time, it is best that I explore other opportunities,” he said.
Franklin's resignation comes at a time when it seems the transportation department is in turmoil, with public meetings over safety concerns and employees speaking out about problems. 
So will Franklin’s departure after seven years of leading the department bring an improvement? 
"He's just a cog in a wheel," said Hillsborough County School Board Member April Griffin. "He had bosses that he reported to. He had subordinates that reported to him. It's not just one piece."
And it is a piece the district must now replace. The superintendent announced a national search for Franklin’s replacement.
That announcement caught Board Member Susan Valdes off guard. 
"A national search?" she asked. "The board has yet to discuss this matter. So come next Tuesday, at the board meeting, I'm sure there will be a lot more questions coming up in reference to where we go from here."
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