Gunshot victim's family wants a 'Bullet-Free Sky' for the holiday

Do not fire your gun into the air to celebrate

RUSKIN, Fla. - It is a call from a family to behave responsibly when you celebrate our nation's birthday. Enjoy the fireworks, but leave the guns at home.

It was New Year's Eve and 13-year-old Diego Duran was outside of his Ruskin home with family celebrating. 

In an instant, that celebration turned tragic when Diego was struck in the head by a bullet.

That bullet was believed to have come from celebratory gunfire, a random shot fired into the sky meant to mark the day, but destined to change a boy and his family's lives.

Diego was not killed, but ended up in a coma for close to a month.  And as Diego continues to recover, his family is now on a mission. 

They want to put an end to celebratory gunfire, to educate the public and to see if they can change laws, to bring stiffer penalties to those who choose to fire into the air with no regard.

To that end, they have put together a website for their campaign: .

On the website, you can buy wrist bands and t-shirts with the proceeds going back into the website and the campaign.

So today on the 4th of July, they are reminding all those who might be inclined to fire a gun into the air to be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Diego is recovering but he still has issues to conquer, like short-term memory loss.

So on this day celebrate responsibly.

As for Diego this Independence Day, his mother Sandy says, "Today Diego will actually be able to enjoy this holiday.  So it will be the 4th of July but it will also be our New Year celebration as well, because we are finally back home together."

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