Florida chef bans ketchup from restaurant

Chef reserves the right to refuse condiment

No ketchup for you!

A chef in south Florida says he has done away with the condiment and it’s not for health reasons.  

Xavier Duclos, the owner of Mad Fresh in Fort Myers, wants it his way or the highway.

“The worst I had was a woman who pulled parmesan cheese and ketchup out of her bag, and I said, 'Don't do that,'” Duclos said.

In bold red letters on the menu you will see plain and simple – the chef reserves the right to refuse ketchup.

“That's the way I make it. You eat it or don't come back,” said Duclos.

That statement, now making national headlines, has local chefs in Tampa….well, kind of agreeing.

“It is kind of a slap in the face, I guess, but very understandable for the way he feels,” said Irish 31 chef Chris Robertson.

Edison chef Jeannie Pierola said, “does it sometimes make you go darn when somebody wants to adjust something? Well OK.”

Maybe you have noticed that lots of restaurants like Irish 31 and Edison keep the red sauce out of sight.

But if you choose, both chefs say they give the people what they want.

“Chips and fries if somebody wants them, or maybe for their hamburger,” said Robertson.

Pierola said she will give you ketchup – only the kind made from scratch.

“We do offer ketchup because we do killer French fries as well,” said Pierola.

As always the best compliment you can give a chef – just don’t ask for anything at all.

“I believe as a chef that we season our food really well. It's ready to go when you get it,” said Pierola.

Mad Fresh has been open since 2012 and never allowed ketchup.

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