Flight cancellations from Sandy stretch all the way to Tampa International Airport

TAMPA - The Monday morning crowds at Tampa International Airport were a lot slimmer than we normally see. 

As of 9:00 am, 55 arrivals and 53 departures had been wiped off the boards here thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

While most passengers headed to the northeast checked from home and didn't bother to come to the airport for a canceled trip, others who were headed much further west had to deal with the collateral damage. 

Aircraft diverted that couldn't get to Tampa were stranding Texas travelers -- like Sandra Galindo

"But not 'Sandy?'" I asked, noting the similar name to the storm.  

"Not Sandy… NO," she responded.
"But Sandy is messing up your flight.."

"Yes it is, apparently so."

Headed to Dallas, Sandra's morning flight has been pushed back to the afternoon because of equipment issues.

"Now you had no idea that you would be affected by a Hurricane going up the east coast, did you?"  I asked.
"Not going to Texas, no," she said. "No idea."

While flights west were NOT directly affected, there was a sort of trickle-down dilemma that worried fliers making connections on international itineraries.

"A lot of people are getting canceled flights to the DC New York area," said Rae Hayward -- who was headed out on a week-long business trip through Europe.   "I went through Chicago first which allowed me to catch my plane today."
All this for a storm that hasn't even made landfall yet, and probably won't for awhile.

"I think they're being very cautious which is probably a smart thing," said Ms. Hayward.

"As Florida residents we know what it's like to go through a Hurricane, so it's a smart move."

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