Five days before Black Friday and shoppers are forming a game plan to scoop up sale items

Shoppers say they are scouting out sales

TAMPA, Fla. - For shoppers it's one of the busiest days of the year,for retailers it's a day to bring in big money and for Harry and Shirley Richter it's their mission to find the best deals.

"Usually I can find something at a more reasonable price that I already need to get anyhow," said Harry Richter.

The Richters are just one example of the shoppers that are already getting their game plan ready for Black Friday.

"It's the superbowl for retail, essentially," said Best Buy supervisor Dave Dickerson.

According to The Better Business Bureau and, shoppers should research sale prices and make a list, according to importance, of the stores where they want to stop.

Max Goldstein said it's the hunt of the bargin that draws him to Black Friday sales.

"They cater to the consumer more this time of year and we are happy to oblige them," he said.

Goldstein said if there is a sale item you can't live without, try camping out. He has never camped out in front of a store, but he has waited in line for hours.

While searching for a digital camera, the Richters said in the end it's up to you to make your own Black Friday plan.

"Weigh the pros and cons, if its worth getting up in that time or not. I mean, if you are really into sleeping and you don't mind spending 30 or 40 dollars more, I mean go for it -- sleep," said Shirley Richter.

On the retail side Dickerson said shoppers should come out in a good mood and shopping could go smoother for all parties involved.

"You've got your turkey in you that you're still dealing with -- so do we. We are dealing with the same amount of sleep that you are, which is zero.  Everybody is here to have a good time, so let's just make it a good experience," said Dickerson.

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