FedEx prepares for busiest shipping day of the year; tips on how you can keep your delivery safe

TAMPA - It's a sure sign of the season at the main FedEx shipping center for Tampa, where today, Cyber Monday, also happens to be their busiest day of the year.

"We're expecting volumes of 22 million today, which is about double of what we usually get," said Gerald Bilbrey, who oversees the operations at the FedEx's main Tampa facility on Waters Avenue.

In fact, some 22,000 packages or so will filter though there today, on their way to bay area offices, apartments and homes.

"We love to say we play Santa Claus during this time of the year," said Bilbrey.  "We get to have some fun for a few days."

But while most regular business customers are quite familiar with the package protocol, residential customers might have some misgivings, especially when we see viral internet clips this showing "Grinch-like" thefts -- right off a recipient's front porch.

"So," I queried the FedEx-pert, "I've got a big package coming, I know that its going to be coming FedEx, is there anything I can do to keep it safe?"

"We have an exciting new program called FedEx Delivery Manager this year," he explained.  "You can go to and sign up for it.  It's free.  It actually tracks your packages.  If you know you're not going to be home there's a couple options that you can choose.  You can either have it delivered to your work or if you know your family member or a neighbor's going to be home you can have it delivered to them, and another option is just to request a signature that way we can not deliver the package and just leave it on the porch, we actually have to have a signature from you."

Those latter tips also work for UPS or postal deliveries, although the signature required route could leave you lingering in line at the delivery depot, with all the other security-minded shippers.

Bottom line here is -- use common sense.  If you think you've got a big package coming, make the preparations so that that bad guy doesn't get to it first. 

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