FBI announces reward in California murder of Tampa woman

The FBI announced that a California man, suspected in the murder of a Tampa native, is now on their 'Most Wanted' list.
Police in San Bernardino, California believe 29-year-old Edly Atherley murdered his wife, 28-year-old Ashley Atherley, inside the couple's apartment in California in early December.
The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Atherley's arrest.
Just yesterday, Ashley Atherley's family laid her to rest in a funeral service in the Tampa Bay area.
"It was beautiful.  It was very hard.  It was hard on the children, and it was hard on all of her family and friends," said Lucia Robles, Ashley's mother.
She said several hundred people showed up to the service.  "It was very comforting to know that they were still there, that they still remembered her and they still loved her."
Ashley's family says they are glad the heat is being turned up in the search for Edly.
"What he did to my daughter is something you don't even do to an animal.  For him to think that someone's not looking for him, he would be delusional," Ashley's mother Lucia Robles said.
Edly has not surfaced since Ashley was found in the California apartment on December 1, but San Bernardino police say there was a possible sighting just a few days after.
Her family believes their daughter was stuck in a violent relationship, and they say they tried to get her to leave multiple times before.
They say Edly may have snapped when Ashley was finally able to move out in November.
The FBI bulletin states that Atherley is to be considered armed and dangerous, and possibly suicidal.
Ashley's mother recommends no one approach him, and instead, call the police.
What he did to my daughter, he won't think twice to do to someone else.  People need to assist in getting him captured," Robles said.
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