Dream home that became a neighborhood's nightmare is reduced to rubble

LUTZ, Fla. - From all appearances, this place was, at one time, someone's dream home.

Three stories tall, and 8,700 square feet big, its been abandoned on a Crenshaw Lake Road lot since 2009, when the housing bubble burst.

On Monday, after years of trying and more than a quarter-million dollars worth of liens placed against the unresponsive owners, Hillsborough County Code enforcement was able to bring the house down.

Officials tell ABC Action News they're ecstatic to see the blight on this otherwise upscale neighborhood reduced to rubble.

"It's not only a neighborhood eyesore, but it was basically a safety issue here, because it's all open," said Robin Caton of Hillsborough County Code Enforcement. "Some child or somebody could get up in there, even an adult wandering through, and harm themselves.  As you saw some of the balcony was deteriorated, rotted. So somebody could get in there and actually get hurt."

As the graffiti-laden wooden walls came crashing down, neighbors were thankful that it's soon to be nothing more than a memory.     

"There was a lot of activity in the house," said Mohamad Hammed, who lives next door. "It was nasty and I was wondering about my kids, you know.  At night a lot of people come in, you never know who's coming in.  We used to call the police every other day."

But on this day, it took less than two hours to reduce the three-story structure to a pile of sticks and cinder blocks.  
About the only thing left to do now is to fill up the huge haulers with the rubble and get it off to the landfill. 

It's estimated that it'll be Wednesday before this entire lot is cleared down to the ground.

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