Traffic light to be installed at dangerous stretch of Hillsborough Ave where 3 people have been hit

Hillsborough County - The Florida Department of Transportation came forward with what they believe is the solution to the dangers of Hillsborough Ave between 22nd and 30th-- a traffic light.

A meeting was held on Tuesday morning with representatives from Tampa Police, The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, city officials and community leaders.

They were given a break down of just how dangerous Hillsborough Ave. is between 22nd and 30th Streets.

In the last month alone, three people have been hit.  One woman died trying to cross six lanes of traffic.

"A signal is justified in the area of the Meridian Point Apartments," FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson would tell me.

A light will be installed across the street where the apartments look over to the Tampa Festival Center, a shopping complex right across the street.

"We are working with the City of Tampa to see if we can get the property acquired, whether donated or purchased. We also have to make sure there are no utilities in the way, underground.  If there are we have to get them moved. We have to have engineering plans done. We have to get the signal poles created and fabricated," Carson explained.

That process could take over a year. 

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