Deputies: Teenager heard dad murder his wife

Court documents reveal teenage murder witness

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - The Lord's Prayer and a teddy bear sit on the front stoop at Gwendolyn Belcher's Seffner home.

Her sister doesn't like to visit here.

"He's still breathing.  He's still eating three meals a day, sleeping at night and my sister is no longer here," said Khadijah Dowdy.

Investigators say Gwendolyn died at her home at the hands of her own husband. They believe Christopher Belcher beat and strangled his wife while his teenage daughter listened helplessly through the walls of the next room.

"This is going to affect her the rest of her life," said Dowdy.

Deputies arrested the 43-year-old in South Carolina and flew him back to Tampa to face his fate in court.

"Quite a bit of evidence here -- circumstantial evidence," said Judge Walter Heinrich.

The Sheriff's Office says the puzzle is coming together, and that Christopher Belcher's 13-year-old daughter is a key piece.

Court records show she "described hearing loud beating noises" that night.  The documents also read "she also heard what sounded like Gwendolyn being strangled," and continues "as if she was gasping for breath."

And there's more.

"You have detectives out there and they go out and find things like surveillance video that shows him leaving at 6:30 in the morning in the victim's car; it never coming back.  But now he's out there mowing the lawn at 8:30," said Larry MacKinnon, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Gwendolyn's sister says her family gets by on the good memories and they ask for help to leave the bad ones behind.

"I could pray to God to lift these feelings from my chest but at the same time right now they're still weighing heavy on me," said her sister.

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