DeeDee Moore on trial for murder of lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare

DeeDee Moore trial begins today

TAMPA - She is accused of killing a lottery winner. Did she or didn't she? Her trial began today.

DeeDee Moore entered the courtroom shackled, but with a smile.

t was a much different look from when we first saw her cuffed when she was booked wearing Orient Road Jail orange back in 2010, for the murder of Abraham Shakespeare.

As both sides, the defense and the state, get set to question potential jurors, the questions surrounding what happened to Abraham Shakespeare is set in the minds of those who have brought DeeDee Moore to trial.

Back in 2006 Shakespeare won the lottery and took a lump sum payment of 17 million dollars.

Investigators say Moore befriended him in 2008 claiming she would help manage his money, but according to investigators, manage turned to murder.

Shakespeare was last seen in April of 2009 and his body was then found buried under a slab of concrete at a home in Plant City in January of 2010. He had been shot twice.

Moore both publicly, and during questioning by the Sheriff's Office, has denied killing Shakespeare, but there are reports Moore may have given the location of where he was buried and the murder weapon to an undercover officer.

So how will this play out in court? Time and at least a handful of the 100 potential jurors will tell. Jury selection is expected to last 2 days, with the trial running 2 weeks.

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