Decision close on fate of Tampa's historic landmark, Bro Bowl

The fate of Tampa's historic landmark, the Bro Bowl, may be closer to being finalized.
With plans for developing the surrounding Perry Harvey Senior Park in the works, some city leaders want the skate bowl, recently put on the National Register of Historic Places, bulldozed. 
Skateboarder Shannon Bruffett is leading the charge to save the bowl.
"It's my history. It's Tampa history.  It's skateboard history. It's part of our city that helped changed the dynamic of it," says Bruffett. 
Bruffett is not the only individual in favor of saving the bowl.
Nathan Shellhorn, who stops by the Bro Bowl every time he visits Tampa, said “There’s nothing like this anywhere else."
A just completed city report left two viable options for the Bro Bowl.
The city's preferred option is to tear it down and use 3-D mapping technology from USF to replicate it at the park's north end.
The other option is to keep it where it is, but make changes so it can fit in with the re-imagined park.
If the second option is chosen, stricter guidelines for the skaters could come with the decision.
"They want us to wear pads, helmets, rules, be supervised like we are children," said Bruffett.  "Have registration cards, pay fees.  All things that were never in place."
Redevelopment is intended to honor African American history on the site that once was the Central Avenue business district.  Some people just don't think the skate park will fit in.
Because Federal money is going toward the project, a state review has to be conducted.
The city is likely to follow that recommendation.
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