"Deadbeat millionaire" John Stanton heads to Tampa court on tax evasion charges

TAMPA - A former Tampa Bay businessman who picked up the name "dead beat millionaire" is going to be in court today, but not for failing to pay child support or alimony.

Instead, John Stanton is heading before a judge on tax evasion charges.

Stanton was the co-owner of a Bay area company that manufactured precast concrete products.

Like those concrete blocks-- or parking bumpers-- you see in parking lots that tell you your car has gone far enough.

Through that business he made hundreds of millions.

The government claims he owes them as much as $37 million.

His attorney claims he doesn't have it, and at one point Stanton filed for bankruptcy.

But the government isn't buying that. Stanton was on the run before finally being caught in a hotel Orlando last September that cost thousands per night.

One of the other reasons Stanton was on the run-- was because he owed close to $10 million in child support.

When it comes to how much he is worth, that information will likely come out in court.

But the year he filed for bankruptcy, the estimate was anywhere from $100 million to $500 million.

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