Crime Stoppers tip leads to suspected serial bank robber

A tip received by Crime Stoppers has led to the arrest of a serial bank robber, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
Matthew Donald Maxwell, 29, was the suspect identified in the tip. Detectives believe he's responsible for a string of robberies in the Tampa Bay area, including five in Hillsborough County in 2014.
Two witnesses in a Sarasota County bank robbery were able to identify Maxwell, according to a sheriff's statement, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Detectives subsequently learned that Maxwell was vacationing in Atlanta and was arrested there.
Following his arrest, a search warrant was obtained for Maxwell's Sulphur Springs home in Tampa.  Investigators found a large sum of money hidden in a secret compartment and other evidence, according to the statement.
Detectives say Maxwell, who went to lengths to disguise himself during the robberies, made a full confession to the crimes.
He was being held in Atlanta pending extradition.
The investigation is ongoing.
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