"Bubba the Love Sponge" responds to Hulk Hogan video suit

TAMPA - It was a spirited morning of radio listening, lawsuit reading, ducking and mudslinging.

A lawsuit naming Gawker Media as the main defendant to the tune of $100 million was released Tuesday, even as Bubba the Love Sponge Clem took to the airwaves from his studio in Tampa to defend his honor, and decry the claims of Hulk Hogan.

The six-years-old tape of Hulk's bedroom encounter with Bubba's then wife was released and replayed repeatedly isn't the issue -- at least not in the minds of those on the air this morning.

"This would have went away if Hogan would have shut his mouth," said the DJ, whose real name is Todd Clem, reacting angrily to the word of his former friend's lawsuit over the alleged video voyeurism.

"The actions of the defendants was illegal," said Attorney Charles J. Harder. 

"It was outrageous and it exceeded the bounds of human decency."

Hogan's lead lawyer revealed the details of the suit against  Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, his now former wife Heather, and New York Based Gawker Media, which posted clips of the now infamous sex tape online on Monday, as he revealed how the man born as Terry Bollea is seeking the multi-million dollar damages.

In a very vituperative on-air rant this morning for benefit of his "Bubba Army," the Love Sponge ranted against the wrestler.

"This is a private matter between Heather, myself and you that was consensual... and you got caught," he said.

And despite the whiff of opportunism, that the scandal may turn into potential for more audience, bigger buzz and more money might just be playing into the publicity-savvy hands of Bubba, but he says not-so-fast.

"You're not going to see me sue anybody," he said flatly.  "You're not going to see me try to cover my a--.  You're not going to try to see anything like that.  When I have my press conference, it will be the truth and the facts, and it'll be quite embarrassing.. for all parties."  
"It's only just begun Hogan," said Bubba.  "It's only just begun."

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