Clair-Mel crime crackdown nets 24 arrests

Deputies spent the day cracking down on crime in Hillsborough County. They went after a range of people, from those buying and selling drugs to running a business without a license.


Deputies arrested 24 people in a sweep of the Clair Mel area Thursday and Friday. They seized 16 pounds of marijuana, $1,000, four firearms and 10 grams of cocaine.


Laura Anderson says she lives in fear, after seeing what she calls suspicious activity at her neighbor's home. Anderson said, "Just people coming and going day and night. Different cars."


Deputies arrested three people at the home next door.  Deputies say they found marijuana and guns.


Hillsborough Code Enforcement is working with the Sheriff's Office. Crews secured 8 homes, removed graffiti and cleared lots.


Bill Langford supervised the effort.  "It leaves a place for criminals to conduct their activity. From drug activity to prostitution, to whatever may exist. But our goal is to limit these detriment to the community by boarding them up today."


But, their job in the area isn't over. They say they plan on having a presence here 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

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