Bucs to donate money to football camp vandals hit

SEFFNER, Fla - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are donating $3,500 to the Brandon Lions Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization, which vandals hit earlier this week.

Clyde Wint, president of the league, came into work  Tuesday afternoon to find cracked trophies, burnt carpeting and soda thrown on walls and floors.

Vandals struck the Seffner league's concession stand and administrative office.

Hillsborough County Fire Marshal David Watts believes the crime occurred between 10 p.m. Monday and 4 p.m. Tuesday.  Both buildings are located at E.L. Bing Park off Taylor Road.

The league operates off of donations and funds brought in by the concession stand.  Nearly half of the kids in the league are there on scholarship thanks to sales, Wint said.

Wint closed up the office Monday night and said both the office and the concession stand were locked up. 

When Eddie Vega, the concession stand manager arrived at work Tuesday, he found the destruction.

"It hurts so bad because we are struggling to make ends meet," said a teary-eyed Vega.  "We were expecting a big night and they took that away from us."

Vega expected food and drinks sales to bring in anywhere from $1,500-$3,000.  Wint explained the money was needed because coaches recently purchased $7,000 worth of new equipment for the kids.

The Bucs are making sure these kids can still play football and cheerlead.

At the end of Saturday night's practice, Bucs players  players will present Brandon Lions coaches, players, and cheerleaders with the donation to help restore the league's concession facility.

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