Boy, 6, got three staples in his leg but school district leaders say there is no proof to allegation

RUSKIN, Fla. - A Ruskin mother and Hillsborough County School District leaders are at odds over claims a first-grader stabbed his classmate with scissors Monday during gym class at Cypress Creek Elementary.

Maria McNabb said her son, Elijah, 6, came home Monday with blood on his shorts and a stab wound to his inner thigh.

"He was just holding where his private part was at and was walking like he was in pain," explained McNabb.

McNabb did not expect what her son told her next.

"He said that a little boy at PE class had some scissors and the little boy was playing around and told him he was going to stab him," McNabb added.

According to her son, after the classmate stabbed him, he took the scissors and handed them over to the coach and told him he was in pain.

District leaders say they have questioned the coach and he claims Elijah never gave him scissors or told him he was in pain.

"We have no idea what happened or whether anything happened at all," said Linda Cobb, spokesperson for Hillsborough County Public Schools.

McNabb said before she rushed her son to an urgent care where doctors closed the cut with three staples, she called the school looking for answers.

According to McNabb, no one at the school knew about the incident and she learned her son was never seen by a school nurse.  She is not sure how that is possible because her son's shorts were stained with blood and he claims he told another teacher what happened.

District leaders told ABC Action News their investigation is not backing up the boy's claims.

"One of the questions we have is this supposedly happened on Monday and the young boy didn't say anything about being injured to anyone," Cobb added.

Cobb said the district is taking the allegation seriously but keep coming to dead ends in their investigation.

"He [the principal] has literally spent three days trying to follow the leads that the mom and the little boy have provided and he has come up with no proof of anything happening," Cobb said.

The boy described his classmate he claims stabbed him to the principal but no student matches that description, according to Cobb.

McNabb has now turned to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for help.  She met with deputies at her home on Thursday and they subsequently went and spoke with the principal.

"My son didn't stab himself," McNabb said.

District leaders plan to continue their investigation and said they will pursue disciplinary action if they prove the allegation is true.

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