Blind at birth Tampa woman models her own trivia game from Jeopardy

Tampa woman to meet Alex Trebek

TAMPA - Shirley Smallwood is 84-years-old and has a strong passion for the trivia show Jeopardy.

"I like the idea that he gives the answer and they have to give the question," said Smallwood.

Born blind at birth, Smallwood hosts her own Jeopardy Based trivia game at Brookdale Senior Living in Tampa .

"I don't let that stand in my way I think if you really want to do something you can do it no matter what," she said. 

Her positive attitude and strength is the reason why her dream will come true.

Her friends at Brookdale Senior Living reached out to Jerry Bloom's Wish of a Lifetime Organization.

On Tuesday she is being flown out to LA to meet her idol Alex Trebek..

" I envy him because he has somebody to write his questions and I have to do it myself.
I'm going to think up something that he may not be able to answer .I don't think it is possible, but I will try," said Smallwood.

For the past ten years each day Jeopardy airs, she types questions on her brail machine, then quizzes other seniors.

"A lot of them think they can learn by playing jeopardy."

Smallwood said nothing has ever stopped her from doing anything.

"I always think of the saying my mother always said, 'where there's a will there's a way,'" she said.

On top of everything, Smallwood also plays the accordion at church every week and can also play the piano.




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