Bill "Hoe" Brown responds to tenant complaints

Infestation problems at apartments owned by Bill “Hoe” Brown came to light after a tenant contacted ABC Action News and code enforcement.
Now the Tampa political figure and landlord tells us he has paid a fumigation company more than $1,400 to get rid of the pests.
He also says he will transport tenants to a Seffner hotel while the tenting is done.
Last summer, Tampa Code Enforcement accused Brown of running an illegal trailer park behind his Seminole Heights office. Inspectors declared the property deplorable and unfit for humans. The fallout forced Brown to resign from his position as Tampa's port authority chairman.
The latest complaints related to his property at 7908 N. Florida Ave. are still unresolved. Brown said the tenting will take place March 23. 
But Tampa Code Enforcement said it won't be back for an inspection afterwards because of a law change. Now the responsibility falls on the state's Division of Businesses and Hotels to follow up.
"This is not new. We been having this problem before and before and before. They should do something 
about it now," said Johnny Garcia Rodriguez, who reported the infestation.
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