Bill and Melinda Gates visit Jefferson High School

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - Two years after the Hillsborough County School District won a $100 million grant, Bill and Melinda Gates stopped by Jefferson High School on Wednesday to check up on their donation.

"They want to see how the foundation grant is going. It's the only school in HiIllsborough County they'll be visiting," said District spokesman Steve Hegarty.

The award is part of a $335 million grant into a small number of school districts the foundation believes can tackle today's education challenges.

Hillsborough has initiated a seven-year plan to achieve high quality education standards.

The $100 million grant came with strings attached. The district will have to match the foundation grant and spend at least $30 million a year after the grant runs out.

Wednesday's visit by the couple also came with no media attached. "They're trying to have a nice little visit over there without being a media circus," Hegarty said.

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