Bay Area FSU fans relish BCS win, snatching up championship goodies

TAMPA - Florida State fans are already snatching up BCS National Championship gear wherever they can find it.

The Seminoles prevailed in a heart-stopping game against the Auburn Tigers 34-31.

"I was freaking out, I was running around my house, says FSU alum Devin Stavish.

But with FSU struggling to get going in the first half, fans resorted to whatever they could to bring good luck to their team.

"I'm pretty bad luck, so I decided to leave, and the second I walked out of the bar we scored our first touchdown," says Alecia Pollina.

Several Dick's Sporting Goods in the Bay Area announced they're opening their doors early to let fans pick over the supply of national champion tees, hats, you name it.

"Just a little bit of everything. I bought a bunch of hats and stuff online," Stavish said as he perused the selection.

The stores tables were packed with items, but Dick's warned customers that it could go faster than expected.

They say they fulfill some of their online orders from things already in stores, so as customers from across the country buy more, the tables will clear out.

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