Back to school, back to dangerous path in Tampa

Many students continue to jaywalk across East Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa to get to nearby Middleton High School, despite the danger.
"I see kids crossing all the time," said high-schooler Pearl Obioha.
Obioha admits that she does it sometimes, too.
"I literally look to the left, to the right, to the left again, then I run across," Obioha explains.
That’s what 15-year-old Norma Velasquez-Cabrera was doing in March when she was run over and killed while walking to school.
Two other Middleton High School students were seriously hurt this past spring while crossing the road. 
Shenika Davis, 15, who also attended Middleton, was fatally hit in the same area in 2011.
It’s why the district created a special shuttle so students like Evelyn Redfur won’t walk across Hillsborough Avenue like she did Monday.
"Usually people walk," said Redfur, 15, who lives in the Meridian Pointe apartments with her family and frequently walks across Hillsborough Avenue. "But now they got a bus because of all the deaths that happened.”
The Florida Department of Transportation tells ABC Action News that putting a new traffic light between 22nd and 30th streets along Hillsborough Avenue is a long-term project, with a target completion date of September 2015.
The property necessary to install a new traffic light has not yet been purchased, said FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson, who adds that engineers are still finalizing design plans, and the utility companies are still investigating what changes would have to be made beneath the six-lane road. 
The project is being funded in part by the funds made by area red-light camera.
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