Accused shooter Andre Watkins says suspected cop killer Dontae Morris asked him to call grandmom

TAMPA - Newly released audio recordings link two notorious Hillsborough County inmates - Dontae Morris, accused of shooting two TPD officers, and Andre Watkins, allegedly responsible for a carjacking and shooting rampage that left one woman dead.

In jail at the same time, Morris appears to have asked Watkins for a favor: call his grandmom for him.

"I'm with Dontae... I'm locked up with him," Watkins says in a collect phone call from jail.

Watkins says Morris got in a little bit of trouble, so he wouldn't be able to call home for his mom's birthday.

"He was writing letters to girls," Watkins said. "He wasn't supposed to be writing a letter to a girl that's locked up with him."

Morris' grandmom called his mother on the other line and relayed the news. When she said they better cut the call short so Watkins wouldn't get in trouble, he said it wouldn't be an issue.

"I ain't worried about it. I'm good," Watkins laughed. "They don't want to mess with me."

However, Watkins told the women, 'they' do want to mess with Morris.

"I won't let none of them hurt him," Watkins said.

"Well we appreciate that, because we know he's not being treated fairly," Morris' grandmom replied.

"Yea he's not going to be treated fairly," Watkins said.

The phone conversation, released Friday, is one of several audio recordings from or about Watkins.

An emotional 911 call details the night Watkins allegedly shot three people, killing one of them.

"He jumped out of my truck, shot a couple people and jumped back in my truck," a man told a dispatcher. "He put the gun to my head and told me to drive off."

At one point the man broke down in sobs while describing the five shots he says he heard come from Watkins' gun.  "I'm scared," he said.

That side of Watkins isn't the only side the recordings paint. In one phone call home, Watkins laughs when he hears his dog bark.

"You hear daddy, right?" Watkins laughs. "You're a good dog right?"

But that softer side isn't the side Watkins' alleged victim says he saw.

"He told me I'm lucky to be alive, then drove off."

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