Hillsborough County high school bans party buses at prom

TAMPA, Fla. - Party buses have become the cool way for some teenagers to get to prom. But last weekend Robinson High School's principal banned the buses.

"Underage drinking is going to happen either way. I think because it's high school and that's just kind of what happens," Plant High School student Anna Randall said.

That's exactly what some fear. Party buses may encourage bad behavior.


"I almost think it does. Anytime you get a lot of teenagers together it usually gets a little funny," Plant High School junior Matthew Powless said. 


But it's not a county wide rule. It's up to each individual principal. 


Kristin Digiacomo's daughter attends Plant High School and supports the buses.


"They're going to find a way to do it no matter what," Digiacomo said. "I would rather my kids be in a safe environment and not get behind the wheel of a car, especially if my daughter is in the car with them."


Plant High School's principal Rob Nelson agrees, with limits.


"It's always a double-edged sword. Some families feel that they don't want to rush their kids driving at night or driving a car load of kids," Nelson said.


One rule Nelson has put in place is that each party bus or limo that pulls up to prom must be greeted by him, a school administrator or a school resource officer. "If an issue develops we address it by county policy and work with TPD as needed," Nelson said.


To be proactive the school is planning an assembly Thursday. A representative from Mother's Against Drunk Driving will educate students about the dangers of drinking.


"We do want them to enjoy it but also to stay safe. That's the ultimate goal," Nelson said.

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