Student brings loaded gun to Monroe Middle School in Tampa

Tampa police have charged a middle school student with possession of a gun on school property. 
According to Tampa Police, the 13-year-old student said as he was walking to school Thursday morning, he found a handle sticking out of a sock in the bushes. 
He picked it up and discovered it was a gun.
According to police, the student then brought the gun to Monroe Middle School and showed it to friends.
The gun was loaded but not fully functional due to a broken trigger mechanism, according to Ken Hart, the school's principal.
"My heart did a few skips," Hart said. "I can't honestly say he realized the gravity of the what he did."
A student heard about it and alerted a teacher.
The school resource officer searched the student's backpack and found the gun, which was safely confiscated.
The student now faces a felony charge.
"Today was absolutely, in a horrible situation, the best ending that we could have had," Hart said.
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